Engineering & Humanity Week In The News

Green Source DFW

Harvey Lacey builds a house using Ubuntu bricks made of recycled plastic

KDAF-TV (Ch. 33-Dallas)

Green Team SMU

The Dallas Morning News

New Businesses Should Be  Ready for Plan B

Voice of America

Refugee Camp Springs Up on US University Campus

AOL News

Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Recieves Humanitarian Award

KERA-90.1 FM (NPR-Dallas)

SMU Students Live In Their Refugee Huts

WFAA-TV (ABC-Dallas)

Dallas Group Helping Children Get Clean Water

The Dallas Morning News

SMU Honors A True Visionary

Segway Inventor To Receive Humanitarian Award in Dallas

Hunt Institute to Build Third World Village on SMU Campus

As SMU Marks 100 Years, It's Aiming For The Top Tier (April 10 photo)

The Dallas Observer

At SMU’s Living Village, Harvey Lacey Demos A House Built One Plastic Bag At A Time

What Can You Do With An Old Shipping Container? Turn It Into The EandH Commissary

KXAS-TV (NBC-Dallas)

SMU Students Build 'Refugee Camp' on Campus

The New York Times

Ethical Engineering-No Oxymoron

SMU Daily Campus

Internationalizing SMU

Engineering and Humanity Week brings ideas, innovation to solve third world problems

Texas inventor turns trash into innovative solution

Audio Slideshow: Engineering and Humanity Week Brings Living Village To Life

The Living Village: A Video Tour

Sustainable Village Comes  To Life Through Engineering

Video: SMU students participate in "The Living Village"

SMU Daily Mustang

Engineering and Humanity Week at SMU: Students Take on a Third-World Experience


Inventor Dean Kamen To Receive Inaugural Hunt Institute Visionary Award  


Gensler Dallas: Curator of The Living Village

Living Village Blog

SMU Students: Tell Us Your Living Living Village Adventure On The SMU Adventures Blog


Students with a cause: Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders-SMU is a non-profit student organization that partners with disadvantaged communities to implement sustainable engineering solutions to self-identified problems—one community at a time, to build a better world.

EWB-SMU’s current premier project is the installation of a water tank and pipeline distribution system in the village of Panimacac, Guatemala, just southwest of Belize.  Having finished assessment trips, data collection, and design, EWB-SMU will this year focus on the installation of the storage system to improve the quality and quantity of water in Panimacac.

Closer to home, EWB-SMU is also helping a local charter school, the Life School in Red Oak, an exurb south of Dallas.  Life School’s drainage problems in their parking lot and football fields have led to a decline of their athletic program and loss of funds. EWB-SMU designed a new drainage system for the school’s property, and will be executing the design this year.

Finally, through the work of the Opportunity Acquisition Committee, EWB-SMU is currently searching for the most appropriate new domestic and foreign projects to start apart from Panimacac and the Life School, including a possible well-digging project in Kenya.

Driven EWB-SMU students and leaders use practical, transformational engineering to bring education and hope to life. A key goal of EWB is to develop the next generation of socially responsible, globally engaged engineering students—a cause to celebrate.



Teach green, live green: SMU's Sustainability Committee

Climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, renewable energy—hot button topics in the debate over acceptable levels of environmental protection. But at SMU, sustainability is part of the university's DNA. The convincing evidence: the SMU Sustainability Committee.

The SMU Sustainability Committee facilitates communication among students, faculty and staff about environmental efforts on campus, especially efforts to promote sustainability campus wide. As part of its mission, the committee: 

    * Suggests improvements and additions to sustainability efforts.

    * Promotes education efforts about sustainability practices and options.

    * Encourages life-long environmentally conscious behavior.

    * Builds mutually beneficial relationships with the Dallas community. 

The Committee is also responsible for advising the SMU President on matters pertaining to the environment and sustainability, and reports regularly to the President about its efforts and activities. Promoting sustainability on the SMU campus is official business.  A list of the Committee's membership and its bylaws are available online.


Special thanks to those who made E&H Week possible  

Thank you to our shelter teams:

Sandbag Shelter: Sheefteh Khalili, Cal-Earth / Steve Springer, Beck Group / Lori McBride, Cal-Earth

Hexayurt: Steve Springer, Beck Group

Ubuntu Block: Harvey Lacey

Display Shipping Container: BC Workshop

Commissary Container: BC Workshop

Habihut: Eldon Leep, Habihut / Sean Garman, Perkins+Will

General Tents: Ducky Bob’s

Ecoshell: Gary Clark, Monolithic

LiteYurt & TekYurt: Markus Robinson, Folded Homes / Gensler

UNHCR Tent: UNHCR, Hunt Institute, SMU

Shelter Box Tent: Bruce Heller

Thank you to all others who have made the inaugural Hunt Institute Engineering & Humanity Week 2011 possible:

Patty Alvey

Donnie Berg

Lucy Billingsley

Jennifer Blackman

Brent Brown

JD Busch

Derek Butvin

Tracey Cho

Marc Christensen

Kim Cobb

Misti Compton

Dee Dee Conway

Sandy de Britain

Kevin Dilliard

Daryl Epperson

Ann Fielder

Omar Hakeem

Randy Harrill

Elle Holbrook

Laura Hunter

Nathan Huntoon

Reagan Jensen

Chris Kelley

John Kiser

Kevin Lavelle

Stewart & Laura Lavelle

Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen

Sharon Lyle

Bobby B. Lyle

Paul Manno

Mirasol Marquez

Michael Marr

Scott Martin

Jerome Meister

Tanya Meurer

Alfonso Montiel

Kelly Moore

Lauren Nelson

Geoffrey Orsak

Mike Paul

Michael Paulk

Sarah Peden

Linda Perez

Judy Pesek

Andrew Quicksall

Blanca Ramirez

Rosa Ramirez

Chad Schieber

Gale Sliger

Danny Sliger

Sharyl Sliger

Bill & Gay Solomon

Steve Springer

Natalie Stalmach

Andy Sturn

Emily Vernon

Ben Voth

Sam Wade

Jean Wallace

Merlin Wilkerson





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