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Inventor Dean Kamen To Receive Inaugural Hunt Institute Visionary Award  


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Redefining What's Possible

The Hunt Institute’s Engineering & Humanity Week at SMU

April 11 - 15, 2011

The print program is now online (pdf)

Monday, April 11

9:00 am               Living Village Opens on the SMU Campus — Free & open to the public

Location: East of the flagpole on Bishop Boulevard

          Enjoy music & performances at the Living Village throughout the day.

Take a test drive around the Boulevard in an all-electric Chevy Volt--Monday only

Stay tuned to the website for a listing of technology demonstrations throughout the    week.

Visit international photography exhibit for Bob Freling, Executive Director of the Solar Electric Light Fund, at Caruth Hall, 3145 Dyer Street. 


11:30 am         Lunch on Campus — Food available for purchase from the Green House Truck.       

12:00 pm         Community Lectures: Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

                           Location: Caruth Hall, outdoor Hillcrest Amphitheater, 3145 Dyer Street

Join us for community lectures exploring how entrepreneurs and NGOs are teaming up to meet the needs of the impoverished in the developing world through innovative action.

                         Maya Ajmera, Founder, The Global Fund for Children

                         Daniel Gross, Emerging Markets Development Manager, WorldHaus


4:15 pm            Living Village Dedication & Ribbon Cutting — Free & open to the public 

                            Location: Living Village

Join us as we celebrate the official opening of the Living Village, dedicated to the late Sargent Shriver, founder and first director of the Peace Corps. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. We are honored to have Anthony Shriver speak about his father's legacy. David Chard, former Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, Africa, will speak about the history of the Peace Corps and its broad impact.

                         R. Gerald Turner, President, SMU 

                         Geoffrey C. Orsak, Dean, Lyle School of Engineering, SMU

                         David J. Chard, Dean, Simmons School of Education & Human Development, SMU

                         Hunter L. Hunt, Co-founder, The Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity, SMU

                         Anthony Kennedy Shriver, Founder & Chairman, Best Buddies International                     


 6:30 pm         Music & Film Celebration - Free & open to the public

                         Location:  Caruth Hall, outdoor Hillcrest Amphitheatre, 3145 Dyer Street

                         Food available for purchase

                         Joe Dowdle, Musician           

7:15 pm           American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver

                          PBS Documentary, 90 minutes

                          Writer/Director/Producer: Bruce Orenstein

Sargent Shriver invented a string of social initiatives that shaped an era and dared millions of young Americans to live out their ideals. Those who knew him— Bill Moyers, Andrew Young, political commentator Mark Shields, and so many others — have spoken of Shriver in the same breath as Martin Luther King, Jr.,  calling him a visionary of deep humanity who helped create a more just society.


Tuesday, April 12

9:00 am           Living Village Opens — Free & open to the public

10:00 am         World Hunger Relief-Sustainable Farming Demonstration

                           Location: Living Village                      


11:30 am        Registration for Keynote Luncheon 

                          Location: Meadows Museum, SMU Campus, 5900 Bishop Boulevard

                          Cost: Purchase tickets, $25   Sponsorship 214-768-3360       

12:00 pm         Keynote Luncheon

Richard L. Kauffman, Chairman of the Board, Levi Strauss & Company. Richard recently stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of Good Energies, after having built it into one of the largest private equity investors in renewable energy. He also teaches renewable energy finance at the Yale School of Management.

1:00 pm           Panel Discussion

                          Navigating Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Panelists:       Chip Cottrell, Partner, Deloitte, and advisor to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

                          Mayra Hernandez, Director Corporate Responsibility, Grupo Financiero Banorte

                          Bruce McNamer, CEO, TechnoServe

                          John Mullins, Professor, London Business School, author of Getting to Plan B

                          Ambassador John Simon, Founding Partner, Total Impact Advisors

Moderator:      Cheryl Hall, Business Columnist, Dallas Morning News


2:00 pm         World Hunger Relief-Sustainable Farming Demonstration

                         Location: Living Village            

2:15 pm          Book Signing

                         Location: Living Village

Meet John Mullins, professor at the London Business School, and author of Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model (Harvard Business Press, 2009)


6:30 pm          Music & Film Celebration

                          Location: Angelika Film Center, 5321 East Mockingbird Lane

                          Cost: Purchase tickets, $10 Sponsorship 214-768-3360

                         Dallas Camerata, Musicians

7:00 pm          Bag It 

                         Documentary, 78 minutes

                         Producer/Director: Suzan Beraza

An average guy makes a resolution to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store. Little does he know that this simple decision will change his life completely. He comes to the conclusion that the consumptive use of plastic has finally caught up to us, and looks at what we can do about it.


Wednesday, April 13

9:00 am           Living Village Opens — Free & open to the public

10-11:00 am    Clean Water Walk

                            Location: World Vision/ If You Knew tent at the Living Village

Volunteers and students will demonstrate the daily struggle of millions of women and children across the world as they search for water and carry heavy containers for miles back to their villages just to survive.


11:30 am         Registration for Panel Luncheon

                           Location: Umphrey Lee Mack Ballroom, SMU Campus, 3300 Dyer Street

                           Cost: Purchase tickets, $25     Sponsorship 214-768-3360

12:00 pm        Luncheon & Panel Discussion

                         Clean Water & Energy Consumption: On a Collision Course?

 Panelists:         Robert Freling, Executive Director, Solar Electric Light Fund                 

                            Jeff Fulgham, Chief Sustainability Officer, GE Power & Water

                            Malcolm Morris, Chairman & Founder, Living Water International

                            Hunter L. Hunt, CEO & President, Hunt Consolidated Energy

                            Peter Thum, Founder, Ethos Water

Moderator:      Jeff Ball, Environmental Editor, Wall Street Journal


1:30 pm          ReadySet Solar System Demonstration

                         Location: Living Village Stage

1 – 5:00 pm    Clean Water Walk

                         Location: World Vision/ If You Knew tent at the Living Village

Participants will take an 800 foot walk, starting at the World Vision / If You Knew tent carrying empty containers. Participants will fill them up at the SMU fountain and travel back to the "Living Village" demonstrating the daily struggle of millions of women and children across the world as they search for water and carry heavy containers for miles back to their villages just to survive.


6:30 pm          Dinner & Music at the Audubon Center

                          Location: The Trinity River Audubon Center, 6500 South Loop 12, Dallas, 75217

                          Cost: Purchase ticket, $150 ; Sponsorship 214-768-3360

Presenting the inaugural Hunt Institute’s Visionary Award to Dean Kamen, Inventor and Founder, DEKA Research and Development, for his commitment and boundless dedication to improving human conditions through innovation. Dean is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and inventor of numerous medical devices, the Segway, and the Slingshot for clean water in the developing world.

Also announcing the Winners of the Student Design Challenge.        


Thursday, April 14

9:00 am           Living Village Opens – Free & open to the public


11:30 am         Registration for Panel Luncheon

                           Location: Collins Executive Education Center, Hillcrest Foundation Commons, 3150 Binkley

                           Purchase ticket/ sponsorship 214-768-3360

                           Cost: Purchase tickets, $25

12:00 pm         Luncheon & Panel Discussion

                          The Real Extreme Home Makeover: Housing for 3 Billion People

Panelists:       Vincent Cochetel, U.S. & Caribbean Representative, UNHCR

                          Ronald Omyonga, Architect & Consultant, from Nairobi, Kenya

                          Sergio Palleroni, Architect & Professor, Portland State University

                          Alejandro Rodal, Executive President, Altta Homes

                          Rafael Smith, Founder & Designer, Uber Shelter

Moderator:      Konstantin Kakaes, Freelance Journalist, former bureau chief for The Economist covering 

                           Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


4:00 pm          Student Debate

                          Nuclear power poses an unacceptable risk to the development of food, water and                           shelter globally 

                          Location Change: Living Village Stage

                          Free & open to the public

                Presented by the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership


6:30 pm           Music & Film Celebration - Free &open to the public

                          Location: McCord Auditorium Dallas Hall, Room 306, 6501 Airline Court

                          Food available for purchase

                          The New Recruits

                          PBS, Documentary, 60 minutes

                          Producers/Directors: Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller & Jeremy Newberger

The New Recruits takes an unflinching look at social enterprise, a movement touted as the new alternative to charity – its ideals, practitioners, and realities.


Friday, April 15 

9:00 am           What now? Join us at the Hunt Institute for a feedback session. 

Don’t miss the international photography exhibit for Bob Freling, Executive Director of the Solar Electric Light Fund at Caruth Hall, 3145 Dyer Street.


Saturday, April 16

7:30 am           5K Run for Human Rights – benefiting the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas

                           Join us at Bachman Lake Park  

                            Purchase tickets, $25